Sunday, July 22, 2007

Aishwarya Rai slideshow by santabanta

I got this slide show while i was searching for wallpapers,This slideshow is one of the webmaster supporting feature of santabanta.I have not counted the number of pictures in this lside show but i am sure all are of aishwarya rai.

You can also create your own slideshow at or get an easy cript for javascriptkit or dynamic drive tocreate slideshow of aishwarya rai's pictures.
I am going to create my own slideshow with the most spectacular pics of aish in my system.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

wallpapers are best at,,, sexydesktop and many more fansites offer aishwarya rai's wallpapers ,but is the best among all those sites i have visited till today.Its a regional site and has more coverage and more pics than any other site on Aishwarya Rai.

Santa banta provides both walpapers and slideshows.I have put one pack ofwallpapers on the top.If you are a blogger check whether its working or not.I had problems in publishing for the first time., a fansite of aishwarya rai is down from 6 months

Guys you might have seen if not let me tell you about it.Its a fansite of aishwarya rai which was running adfree from 2003 till recent days.Its down from january or may be from yester months of january.It was the only authorised fansite of aishwarya rai at that time or they called their site so.

Whats really shocking is that their idea of closing a big fan site,I checked details for in way back machine.If their hit counter is not lying then they have got 1,006,482 visitors in one year between 2005 january 1st and 2006 january 1st year .Approximately 83,873.5 visitors a month and nearly 2800 visitors a day.Its pretty good indeed ,most of the small websites and fansites out there are getting even lesser number of visitors than this one.but..

Why did they close their site..? was it because of maintenance cost or lack of interes..??Just by running few ads along with the content they would have got enough money to keep aishwaryaworld alive.This site is down from more than 6 months and no one has bought it from then ,no one seem to have interest in it.

Smartpagerank tool predicts the weight of this site as 2000$,it may cost that much...If it was lesser than that then i would have bought it for myself.